Roll-on-roll-off cargo (RORO)

The convenience of roll-on-roll-off cargo

Cars or specific types of rolling transport can simply be driven on and off the ship. The vehicle is then shipped to its destination in a nice row. That is often cheaper than loading and unloading a container.

Perfect framework

Where is the added value of a freight forwarder in roll-on-roll-off cargo? In arranging the paperwork and making necessary inquiries. Making sure that, for example, your export vehicle gets on the road smoothly in the country of destination. An efficient solution without any administrative headaches.


Extras for ro-ro cargo

As a proactive partner, We Are Shipping goes the extra mile for your roll-on-roll-off cargo by offering extra services. That is experience and expertise for your convenience. Call on our knowledge in the form of

  • customs formalities
  • Incoterms
  • legal requirements