reefer containers


Refrigerated transport of delicate goods

Chilled and freezer containers

When transporting sensitive goods, every detail is important. Just think of the refrigerated transport of food, for example. That is when you call on the services of a specialist in the field. Pavan sends reefer containers to all corners of the world. And back.

Valuable, temperature-sensitive loads must be handled with extra care. Ideal conditions provide maximum protection for your goods, even when they are on the move for days on end. From refrigerated transport to a freezer container, in complete confidence. Book your reefer container for

  • frozen foods
  • chilled food
Reefer Containers
reefer containers

Close monitoring

Your temperature-controlled cargo is constantly monitored closely during transport. Remote monitoring and reliable partners are indispensable links in this process. If a cargo is stopped at customs, Pavan resolves this quickly. Making sure that the best-before date of your goods is not compromised.