Less than container (LCL)

A smooth delivery of partial loads

Do you regularly need a shipment of small goods? Or do you only need a limited number of pieces? Then you do not have to wait until you can fill a complete container or pay over the odds because it is only half-full. With LCL cargo you share your cargo with other companies.


LCL stands for less-than-container load. A name that means just that, literally and figuratively. You need less than a full container. Your transport partner combines various partial loads to fill a container. That way, the price remains competitive for you.

LCL Cargo
LCL Cargo

Fast transport of small volumes

Why should you choose LCL cargo? Because sometimes you cannot wait until you have a full load of, for example, small parts. Or because you simply do not need that many. Your shared cargo will arrive on your doorstep quickly. That way, continuity is assured. For you and your customers.