Dry Containers

Dry Containers

Shipping your container with complete confidence

The many possibilities of dry containers

Dry containers are standard containers, without special equipment. They are ideal for transporting loose goods, in all sizes, shapes and weights. These intermodal containers make transport by water, road or rail possible.

Experts in transport

Years of experience and an extensive portfolio have led to valuable expertise. Pavan is, among other things, specialized in shipping wood containers to China. There are, of course, plenty of options for all your other goods. We organize sea freight for:

  • general cargo
  • welding
  • plant carts
  • cowskins
Dry containers
Dry Containers

Paperwork included

Planning and organization are essential for ensuring smooth international transport. Correct administration is also crucial for a smooth journey. We Are Shipping arranges your transport, permits and customs forms using modern software and expertise.